First, do read each page of our website.

This will afford you correct information about the business of modeling.

Second, do submit at least 3 head-shots, 5 body-shots, your contact number(s), your name, your STATS and all links of your Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to: OLMtheAgency@gmail.com


  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Measurements ( bust + cup size, waist & hips)
  • Dress size
  • Shoe Size
  • City/States you live in
  • Contact number

Once you send your e-mail of photos & data do call us at

323-739-4085 (24/7) and let us know that you did submit photos to us via e-mail. If you do not call us when you send off your e-mail we will discard your e-mail and view that you are not following directions.

From there, a representative will review your submission and reply to you. 

If all goes well with your submission, a phone quiz will occur to confirm that you did read our website completely without skimming.

An in-person interview will be next. You may be asked to walk, pivot, and pose. If you have test-shots and CompCards, they will be scrutinized

test-shots and CompCards, they will be scrutinized. Should you have additional pictures, please bring them.

You will be questioned about the information you've read here on this website.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to re-read this website several times.

Within your interview, the types of modeling assignments you would be best suited to do would be explained to you.

CompCards will be constructed based on the types of modeling assignments you are best suited for. You have the right to accept & reject any modeling assignments presented to you.


To start the process of a composite card being created, first you will need "test-shots".


Test-shots are professional pictures of you wearing about 8 different attires to merely see & confirm if you do, in fact, look good on film and what level of potential you have.

For example: a singer puts together a DEMO so that A&R people from record companies can hear what the singer sounds like recorded. Based on this DEMO, it will either get that singer in the door of that record company, or not.

Likewise, a models' "demo", if you will, is his/her test-shots. This will get you in the doors of On-Location Models or not.

If you do not have test-shots, we suggest that you select a " professional fashion photographer " to shoot your test-shots. A professional fashion photographer is best because their photos do not need editing nor photoshop. We also suggest that you DO NOT spend more than $150.

If you do not know where to go to have your test-shots taken or if you do not want to use your source to photograph your test-shots, we can assist.

Should you decide to hire us to do your test-shots, please note the following: 

 Our fee for test-shots is $150.00.

 - Test-shots from us would cost $150

 - A full payment consisting of $150 must be prepaid to schedule an appointment for your test-shots.

  -You may bring up to 8 attires.

 - The session would last under 2 hours.
 - The pictures would be placed on your USB memory stick and given to you at the end of your test-shots.

*If you do not have a USB memory stick, we can upload the TEST-SHOTS to our Google Drive account and share it with you to you Google Drive account. From sharing them, you can then download them into your Google Drive account.

We do not set a minimum of photos taken of you. If we shoot 300 pictures you will receive all 300 shots. If we shoot 2,000 pictures you will get all 2,000. 

Based upon the results of your test-shots, we would proceed to the next level or not.

Should you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone and/or e-mail.

Please be advised that we accept calls 24/7. If you would like us to take your TEST-SHOTS you can make your payment from the TEST-SHOTS page of this website. You can use your PayPal account or any credit or debit card. If you prefer to make installment payment because you do not have the full amount of $150.00 right now, you can also do that. Just give us a call first: 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.


Thank you for your interest in OLM THE AGENCY.