Do's & Don'ts


1. Realize that this is a venue to earn additional annual income. Thus, this is a business.

2. Be serious about getting into modeling as a "side job". Most of our models actually do not have a desire to get into modeling. They model mainly because it brings in additional household income.

3. Procrastination has no place here.

4. Be professionally organized. When you arrive for your
interview, do have a notebook and pen on hand. Have your questions written down ahead of time.

5. Be "teachable". If you feel you know everything you need
NOT apply with On-Location Models.

6. If your attitude had "altitude", do not call us. We do not
accept stuck-up models.

7. Memorize the modeling "terms" we review with you.
It is "your" job to know these terms and definitions. This can make or break you getting a booking.

8. When given an appointment DO NOT CANCEL.
Do arrive on time or early.

9. Return our calls promptly/expeditiously.

10. Understand that "free" work:
  a. keeps you down to earth.
  b. trains you to do a better job.
  c. always leads to "paid" work.